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Behind the scenes of the masterpiece

Image by Alvaro Reyes

The Studio

The place where every masterpiece was created



We believe in creating the best user experience websites for you and your customers. The details matter, as we strive to give our best to all of our client. 

If you're expecting...

A fully-functioning website that reflects your vision and brand

High-converting website that attracts leads organically, and converts them into clients

Visual guidelines and systems so that I can effortlessly create a cohesive presence across all of my customer touch points

Experienced designers help your brand to stand out and thriving in the virtual marketplace

We are ready to help!

Image by Anete Lūsiņa

Our Design Process

We emphasize on the quality and the details in each step of the process

A couple at a business meeting

Step 1: Discover

The first step is all about learning your goals, vision, audience, style, we will evaluate your branding and messaging to your website. We will align your goals and vision to your website enhance your client experience. 

This is where we dig deep into your business model, such as your brand goals, target audience, competitor analysis, etc., to get to the heart of what makes your Brand and Website special and unique. 

Designing an Application


  • What website platform are you using?
    We are using Wordpress and Wix to design your website. Wordpress and Wix are perfect as they have beautiful and simple interface that are optimal for web designs. They are easy to manage after passing over to our clients, SEO-friendly, and flexible which are bonuses for you, since I'll be handing the website over!
  • Can you write my website copy for me?
    Yes! We certainly provide copywriting services as well. We have the talented copywriters in our team that can certainly help your website to seek more traffic and generate leads organically. However, this will be charged separately as additional work and research needed to be done.
  • What do I need to prepare to get started?
    Professional branding: You will have your branding ready, so that the website will integrate seamlessly with your current branding and style. High-quality images: You will need a collection of brand photos that we will be using on your website. Website Copy: Copy are the words that you want on your website and it’ll tell your clients all they want to know about you and your business. Website Structure: You will have to prepare a list of specifications needed in your website and additional remarks for us (if there are any), and we will do the designing and get your website published.
  • Will I need all the website contents and photos ready before the project begins?
    Yes! This is essential in a seamless and smooth web design process. When we start on Day 1, all the website content should be ready to go. This is because we hpe the best for you as we want to deliver our services to you efficiently and get your NEW website published as soon as possible.
  • Do you provide premium quality photographs for my website?
    Yes! We provide the highest quality photo that is suitable for your business. However, for your own product and services, we do recommend you to prepare a set of high quality photos of your own products and services for us. This will help your website to look stunning, premium, and have a standardized quality.
  • How will the payment work?
    Once we have agreed upon on working together for your website and concluded the price, we will require a 50% non-refundable deposit prior to the start date. Once the website is finalized and published, the final 50% is due before I hand over your website back to you. After sales-service will charge accordingly if there are future changes requested by you.
  • Do you offer a la carte services?
    Yes, we certainly do. We offer technical assistance, technical troubleshooting, website updates, domain connection, mail connection, basic SEO etc. However, we will charge separately according to your request and the additional workload needed. Contact us to inquire more!
  • Can you transfer my site content from another website and mail provider?
    Yes, what we will do is that we will transfer your website domain and mail from a hosting company to another. However, we will charge an additional costs which is separated from the web design cost as this will need additional technical work as it is much complicated.
  • Can you connect my web domain to Wix or Wordpress?
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